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China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair

China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair is the most comprehensive showcase of the latest trends and products from the Fabrics & Textiles trade show industry. The show is being organized by Dalian International Garment Exhibition Co., Limited, and will be held at Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dalian trade show, China trade show.from 2010-09-04 to 2010-09-07. You can find out the Description of China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair along with event profile, organizer, exhibitor and visitor profile, venues and fair dates to plan your participation much in advance here.

When: 2010-09-04 to 2010-09-07

Country/City: China, Dalian

Venue: Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Centre

Related Industries: Fabrics & Textiles trade show


China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair (CIGF) is China's oldest international fair for garment and textile industry. It has had 18 years history since 1988, it was promoted to a state-level in 2006. The stage for foreign leading garment & textile products and fashion brands entering China market.     The gateway for China leading brands to show themselves, to expand trade and export..

For Visitor:

Importers, Exporters, Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Agents, Department Stores & other related professionals are the target attendees.

Exhibit profile:

Profile for exhibit includes Garment:first-class ready-made, men's wear, women's wear, kids' wear, casual wear, business wear, sports wear, fur, leather, knitwear, wedding wear, lingerie, hat and bag, accessory, CAD, Textile: apparel fabric, fibre, yarn, accessory, apparel, textile related product & service.

Organizers Information:
Dalian International Garment Exhibition Co., Limited

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