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Ingredients Russia 4-27 November in Crocus Expo

On 24-27 November, Crocus Expo will host Ingredients Russia 2009, the 12th International Exhibition for Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavourings. The show is the main professional platform for demonstrating new products in the industry. 

The exhibition will feature companies from 19 countries.  For the exhibitors, Ingredients Russia is primarily a tool for increasing sales.  This is evidenced by market research carried out during the exhibition: 85% of exhibitors state that their main motive for taking part in the exhibition is to find new customers, while 75% say the exhibition provides an opportunity to gain comprehensive information about the state of the market.  Exhibitors are also attracted by the full business programme, which includes seminars and presentations. 

Traditionally, Ingredients Russia includes the International Forum ¡°Food Ingredients of the 21st Century¡±, which is devoted to current industry issues, such as new food products; the role of food and biologically active additives; and developing the composition, texture, taste and aroma of food, and maintaining their quality.  This year, special attention will be given to the technical regulation of the safe use of food additives, flavorings, and technological adjuncts, food safety criteria, and the use of micro-ingredients in various sectors of the food industry.  A separate session, ¡°In Focus: Special Fats¡±, will provide a platform for dialogue between specialists involved in the production, import, transportation, processing and use of tropical oils and special fats in the food industry.  The sponsors of the special session are the industry leaders EFKO Group and Solnechnye Produkty (Sunny Products). 

Another key event at Ingredients Russia is the ¡°Ingredient of the Year¡± contest, which is held each year at the exhibition, with the support of the Union of Food Ingredients Producers.  The aim of the contest is to popularise the production and use of competitive food ingredients in Russia, and to promote innovation in this field.  The contest has the following categories: ¡°Innovative Product: Development¡±, ¡°Innovative Product: Production¡±, ¡°Innovative Product: Distribution¡±, ¡°Innovative Product: Implementation¡±; ¡°Innovative Technology¡±, ¡°Best Presentation¡±, and ¡°Best Publication¡±.  There is also a special category: for a significant contribution within the past five years to the development of the domestic food ingredients industry or scientific research in this area.

This year, the exhibition will feature an Innovations Zone for the first time. The stand will bring together new food products that have been developed over the past year or introduced to the Russian market no earlier than 1 October 2008.  Specialists will have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest products and technologies, which have not yet been applied in practice.  The sponsor of the Innovations Zone is Soyuzsnab JSC.   

A new development at the exhibition this year will be the Food Production Technologist School, which will be open on 25-26 November.  Food industry specialists will be able to improve their qualifications by attending lectures on current topics directly related to the use of food ingredients, biologically active additives and flavorings in production processes.  The lectures will be given by leading industry experts: A. Nechaev, Ph.D., Professor, President of the Union of Food Ingredients Producers; A. Kochetkova, Ph.D., Professor; I. Matveeva, Ph.D, Professor; A. Zharinov, Ph.D., Professor; E. Gorenkov, Ph.D., Professor; and E. Smirnov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences.  The School is organised by the Union of Food Ingredients Producers, Moscow State University of Food Production and ITE.  All the attendees will receive a certificate of advanced training. 

Every year, the exhibition attracts more than 10,000 specialists, of whom 72% are from manufacturing companies in various food industry sectors: confectionery, dairy, meat, bakery, and oils and fats.

For specialists entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.  To visit the exhibition, please register online.  The registration form is already available at the official exhibition website:

During the exhibition, Ingredients Russia in a specialized topic "TechnoFood" will feature equipment, technologies and packaging for the food industry, which will also demonstrate all the ingredients for the finished product, including ingredients, equipment, packaging, and the world of technology in food production.

Within the Ingredients Russia exhibition, the specialised sector TechnoFood will display equipment, technologies and packaging for the food industry, and demonstrate all the components for obtaining a finished product, including ingredients, equipment, packaging and international food manufacturing technologies.   

Ingredients Russia / TechnoFood 2009 will again run alongside PharmTech 2009.  This allows the entire range of equipment, technologies and ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to be presented in one venue. 

Ingredients Russia / TechnoFood is organised by ITE, a leader in the Russian exhibition business.  ITE is also the owner and organiser of the major food exhibition World Food Moscow, and the leading food products and food industry equipment exhibition ProdSib.  ProdMash (Novosibirsk).