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HUNGEXPO Zrt.‘s food industrial exhibitions have been listed among prestigious international forums for several decades and on each occasion they gave an authentic picture of the market developments in this sector. The situation remains unchanged: in the current crisis-driven competition the organisation of the 2010 special exhibitions has already started. The exhibitions held at the end of this decade will be organised on the basis of a completely new concept. 

Adjusted to the international and Hungarian market changes, two long-standing significant events: the International Confection Confectionery, Bakery and Gastronomy Exhibition UKBA and the International Food, Beverage and Catering Trade Show FOODAPEST will be held simultaneously, on a biannual basis. The very first such occasion will be held between 21-24 February, 2010. In odd years – thus next time in 2011 – HUNGEXPO Zrt. will offer a workshop meeting for these food industrial fields to follow the fast market changes and find effective solutions for the current marketing assignments. 

Another novelty in exhibition organization is that FOODAPEST will include food industrial technology, in other words, a display of machines and equipment. This way the exhibitors of FOODATECH, manufacturers and processing entities directly using machines, will be provided an opportunity to appear once again within the framework of FOODAPEST, right next to the UKBA exhibitors, confectioners and bakers. 

The novelties of these events include the popular spectacular programmes already open to the general public. In 2010 Hungary will have the honour to organise the World Championship of Junior Confectioners, and an agreement has been made that the venue of this sensational competition will be provided by the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre.  Participants from five continents will prove their competence in front of a large audience of visitors at this competition, which was organised for the last time in Lisbon, Portugal.  
It has also been decided that in 2010 FOODAPEST will also house Bocuse d’Or Hungary, the preliminary rounds of the gastronomic competition. A cooperation agreement was signed of this fact by Benoit BARBAULT, HUNGEXPO Zrt.’s Director of Sales and Vilmos KREIL, the Managing Chairman of Bocuse d’Or Hungary in the presence of  Yves Hunckler, representative of the Bocuse d’Or.  The winner of the preliminary round held on 21-22 February 2010 will participate in the qualifying round in June 2010 to be followed by the Lyon World Championship in 2011.